Two more box finishes from readers of my blog!

Hi everyone, two of my readers have sent me pictures of their box finishes after seeing my tutorials, first up is a lady from Stitching Madness blog here, this lady kindly sent me the photo but I do not know her name and I cannot leave a comment on her blog, however she has made this gorgeous box.

I think you will agree that this box is lovely and very cute!

Next up is this lovely box made by Ellie, you can see her blog here

    Congratulations ladies on such a wonderful job!

I am working on my next tutorial to be published soon!


ellie said...

Thank you Lynn. I can't wait to see your next tutorial :)

nasreen said...

Really amazing. this is just proof at how good your tutorials are. Both are so different and beautiful in themselves. Thank you LynnB for a great blog.

marga said...

LYNN¡¡ Que bonitas cosas haces es increible ,las cajitas ,bueno todo todo,¡¡precioso¡¡.Adios amiga hasta pronto,besitos.

Anonymous said...

Bellísimas las dos, y gracias por tener tan bonito blog, y enseñarnos con tanta maestría!!! BESOS

sarams1987a said...

verry nics

Click image to see my cross stitching blog

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