Toblerone Needlecase Tutorial

Toblerone Needlecase Tutorial, black and white needlecase in the shape of a toblerone, cross stitched parasol on the front

Hi everyone, here is the final part of the Tutorial for the Toblerone Needlecase.

Toblerone Needlecase Tutorial - Part Two

 Part Two of the Toblerone Sewing Case Tutorial

You can see Part One in the previous post.

Final Part of this tutorial is now available here

You will need your three internal pieces of card.

Toblerone Needlecase Tutorial - Part One

 Hi everyone, here is the first part of the tutorial showing how to make the Toblerone Sewing Case.

You will first need the materials list that I put on my other blog 
You will also need the free pattern for the Parasol.

Before you start take a look at the photos below.

Click image to see my cross stitching blog

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