Christmas Mini Black Cat cross stitched pillow finishing tutorial

Mini  Black Cat cross stitched pillow finishing tutorial

This is one of my free mini cat patterns that is available from my blog as a freebie grid pattern.  

Materials required 

Linen or Aida fabric
DMC or Anchor stranded cotton 
Cross stitch needle 
Sharp embroidery scissors
Fabric glue
Lightweight iron on interfacing (Pellon)
Polyester fibre fill

Mini cat pillow cross stitch tutorial

Before starting the back stitches you must ensure you have counted from the edge of the cross stitch all the way around, i.e. if you should ten threads from the edge of the parcel before stitching you should also count ten threads from the edge of the holly, does that make sense? If not email me and I will help.  

There is a hand made cord tutorial here just scroll down the page. 


Tah dah.........!!!

There you have it, a cute mini cat pillow.

Why not stitch all of the mini black cat cross stitch patterns from my mini cat series from 2015?

 I have designed one for each month, I have completed all twelve designs for the year. 

The patterns are available on my blog 

Happy stitching!


anastasia said...

Very nice!!

Sandra said...

I do love all your cross stitch creations. They inspire me to take up my embroidery needle again... yet I always seem so busy with crochet and photography! I shall have to wiggle my priorities! Happy New Year! Sandra

Maggie said...

Lovely finish and such nice clear instructions. Now I know how to get the hanging loop neat :-) So many other tuts leave this bit out, thank you for sharing. x

MarianneD said...

Thank you for your great tutorial and the lovely cat patterns!

Catwhisperer said...

Hi Lynn,
You are absolutely amazing!!! I love to stitch and make gifts for friends & family but your items are SO BEAUTIFUL, you put me to shame :D I'm new to your blog but super excited to follow you. I can't wait to start stitching the monthly cats! Could you explain about the exchanges? Thank you so much!


Lynn B said...

Hi Eileen,

Thankyou for the comment, unfortunately your email is set as no reply and I have no way of contacting you, please email me on my cross stitching blog, there is a link on the page, you will need to put your email address in the text so that I can respond,

Lynn B

Click image to see my cross stitching blog

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