Cross stitch necklace tutorial

Cross stitched teapot stitched on linen and made into a necklace
I have had a few requests asking for a tutorial to show how I make these cross stitch necklaces, so here we are!

Materials required

Silver Cabochon Base  1" wide (2.5 cms)  - available from Etsy or Ebay

Silver Chain 18" long (48cms) including closures - you can buy them without the fasteners but it is easier to buy them already attached.

Piece of thin cardboard for mounting embroidery.


DMC cross stitch thread

32 count cross stitch fabric.

Small teapot pattern from The Sampler Girls Blog  ( If you can't see the pattern on her blog just copy the teapot from the photo but make sure you credit the sampler girl for the design.)

Fabric Glue.  

Stitch your design
Needle threaded with DMC stranded cotton stitching  a small teapot on linen

Draw around your cabochon circle, at this point I wish I had a 1" punch! 
Cross stitched teapot stitched on linen and made into a necklace

This is the cabochon, you can get lots of different shapes and designs, this is 1" in size.
Silver coloured cabochon ready to be finished into a cross stitch necklace

Cut your circle of thin card  and place your cross stitched piece over the top with a 1 cm margin.
Teapot cross stitch design stitched on linen using dmc cotton threadss

Like this, and then put fabric glue on the back  

Fold over and hold in place, this is quite fiddly to get it straight on the other side, just keep pressing the glue onto the fabric and it will fold over eventually.

It should now look like this.
Put glue onto the cabochon.
Teapot stitched on linen with cabochon prepared with glue to finish into a necklace

Press down into the cabochon, manipulate at the edges if it is not straight, I used a needle to help with this.  
Cross stitched teapot design finished into a necklace

I purchased these chains from ebay, I think there were 10 in the pack and they were not expensive.
Thread the chain through the top of the cabochon. 
Cross stitched teapot necklace stitched and finished into a necklace with a silver chain

I purchased  my chains already made up like this.

Attach your necklace to a piece of card wrapped in a cellophane wrapper and 
Tah Da! There you have it, a lovely little gift made in an hour!  
Cross stitched necklace in a cellophane bag

Until next time - Happy Stitching!


Ellen said...

Thank you for your wonderful tutorial! I will try to make some necklaces as gifts!


Bibi's Homemade Happiness said...

Thank you so much for another great tutorial....lots of love from holland..Bianca

creategoodfx said...

Hi Lynn!
This is Chrissy from Florida. Thank you so much for posting this. I can't wait to get the supplies and make some of these. So simple and delightful! I'm having a friend come visit from California and she'll love one of these. But I think I'll make hers a frig magnet.

Татьяна said...

Very beatiful!!!

Aro said...

Amazing :)

Marianne said...

So Nice !

Rina Dzikrurianti said...

Hello Lynn :) thank you for this nice tutorial. What is that round yellow thing you wrapped with the fabric?

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