Instructions for little oblong pillow in pink and blue

Instructions for little oblong pillow

This set is designed by me, it is for personal use only, please respect my copyright - do not resell on Etsy or any other sales website 


12cm x 5cm of 25 count dublin lugana linen or any other linen of your choice
I used 25 count and the pillow was about 10cm x 4cm when finished.

Material for reverse side of pillow 

Lightweight interfacing for reverse side of crossed stitched piece 
and reverse side of fabric.

DMC thread or thread of your choice

Polyester fibre fill

Fabric glue

Thread for stitching pillow together

Made with love tag or any charm

Stitch the free pattern available from my blog here
Iron the interfacing onto the reverse side of stitched linen and the reverse side of your backing fabric.
Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the backing fabric.
Put right sides together and stitch around the edge leaving a small seam line and
an opening at the bottom.
Stitch close to corners with a second line of stitching, this reinforces the corner and
allows you to cut close to the corner and reduce bulk.
Trim close to seam allowance
Turn through to right side
Use small scissors to push through the corners, being careful not to poke a hole through!

Your pillow should now look like this.
Press the stitching face down onto a towel to prevent your stitches from becoming too flat.
Your pillow is now ready for filling with polyester fibre fill
Make sure you fill into the corners, using your scissors if necessary to help with this. 
Using one strand of sewing thread close the opening with slip stitches
Your pillow should now look like this
Attach the cord with fabric glue.
This cord is made from the DMC thread used for the stitching, I will
be showing how to do this in another post.
Use a very small amount of glue

Stitch a charm to the reverse side of the pillow


Patty C. said...

Thank You Lynn :)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Lynn, I'm just thrilled you have this blog and that I finally found it! You cannot imagine how many cross-stitch smalls I have and that I have never finished off into something pretty or usable! Your tutorials and large pics are terrific. I know I will be coming here quite often and will be able to learn so much from you!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...
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Virtudes said...

Hola, me llamo Virtudes y acabo de conocer tu precioso blog. Los tutoriales son divinos.Gracias por compartirlos.
Seguiré visitándote. Un saludo.

barbara r-g said...

just joined your blog! i love your complete instructions on how to. perfect! i love to stitch and design and have been doing so for many years. i am always looking for a new idea. looking forward to seeing all your ideas. thanks for sharing it means allot. i justed started a blog and love the incredible ideas out in blog land.

Katherine said...

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. It is very kind of you.

tejedoraencantada said...

hola recien conozco tu blog super hermoso realmente haces cosas muy linda y practicas.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you got the interfacing. I have been really confused about all the stuff I have looked up your pictures on how you did your pillow are a great help. Now I just need to know where I can order the material and what material I need exactly. Thank you

Giselda said...

Parabéns, seus trabalhos são lindo.

Scully said...

This is so great, I have a pillow that I want to finish and now I know how. Thank you! I have no finishing skills, and I can see I will be building them with your help.

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