Sunday, 21 October 2012

Halloween cross stitched scissor fob tutorial

Hi everyone, I know it's been a while, but at least I have a nice cross stitched scissor fob tutorial for you! In this tutorial I show you how to stitch this halloween scissor fob with beads attached.

I initially forgot to take photo's showing how to attach the tassel but I have since found the Christmas Scissor fob photos that show more detail of how to do this, I will put them in the next post and I will also be doing a tutorial showing how to make the tassel and the cord soon.

There are a lot of photographs in this post.
I actually took these photographs in November 2011 but forgot to put them on this blog! 
You can see detailed pictures of my scissor fobs on my cross stitch blog here  details of the pattern can also be found on that post.
You will need:
Your finished stitched piece  
DMC Thread
Mill Hill Beads
Iron on Interfacing
Polyester filling
Scissors and a needle

Instructions below:

The interfacing is lightweight, I should really have used black but it does not show anyway.

As you get to each corner trim the fabric across the top to remove bulk

I do not trim this at the start of the project as the fabric  may fray too much, I did learn from this the last time I made one!

Leave a space for your hanging cord and then put your needle through the cord a
couple of times to attach it, then stitch as close to the cord as much as possible on the
other side, ensuring you match the stitch lines to each other up to the corner. 

Once you have missed the stitch, you then place the needle into the next stitch,
this is the time to place the next bead onto the needle. 

Leave a small gap to fill your scissor fob with fibrefill and then carry on stitching until you get to the last stitch, when you arrive at the last stitch just finish off by pushing your needle into the pillow close to the edge, go in and out of the pillow, ensuring no stitches show. Cut the thread close to the fabric and it should be hidden inside the pillow.  

As a beginner you may prefer to use matching black thread, I chose to stitch it in orange as a design feature.

You have now attached the cord in the middle, you can do exactly the same with the cord tassel or you can attach a small piece of wire through the tassel and hook it over the stitches at the bottom so that it hangs freely, I did this on the White Cat Scissor fob below.

I made the cord and the tassel using the same DMC stranded cotton thread that I used for the cross stitching.

It should now look like this:

You can see a Christmas Cat scissor fob on my blog here just scroll to the bottom of the page, there are also free cross stitch patterns on my blog. 

Edited - more pictures below

I would love to see your finished scissor fobs if you use my patterns and these instructions, just send me a photo and I will post the pictures on my blog!

Happy Stitching!


Zora said...

It's great you're back, thank you for the nice tutorial!

La fata indaffarata said...

wow!!Molto carino!!!
grazie per il tutorial!!

Christina said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial!! I have been wanting to do beads on the edges like that.

Laline Zacarkim said...

UM Tutorial muito bem elaborado...Parabéns...

Anne said...

Nice tutorial. I was wondering how to stitch it together!! :)

Kate said...

Thanks for the great tutorial and the free design.

elza jazz said...

Bonne fin de semaines et surtout
bonnes fêtes à toi. Et continue
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Je serais incapable de les faire,
mais j'adore les regarder.
Avec amitié. ELZA JAZZ

Daniela Linhares said...

Really perfect! Thank you!