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Hi everyone, I have recently been falling in love with Tilda dolls and all of the cute accessories that go with them, so I decided to make a tilda heart, my inspiration came from seeing all of the gorgeous tilda designs out there in blog land and I thought I would share my finishing instructions. 
You can see the Tilda dolls here on this blog
Materials required:

Paper to cut out loveheart shape - practice until you get the shape you require.A  little tip, fold paper in half and draw half a heart on the fold so that both sides are the same when opened out.   
Embroidery thread
Fabric - I chose felt and small squares of cotton fabric, but you
can use any fabric you wish.
Lightweight interfacing for the floral squares
Ribbon trim and cord for hanging your heart.

Iron on the lightweight interfacing to the back of the squares, there is no need to fold the edges over because the stitching covers the edge. 
Use two strands of embroidery threads to stitch the blanket stitch

Tip for neat blanket stitch
When putting the needle into the fabric hold the needle vertical.  

Ensure the stitch is lined up with the previous stitch as this ensures you have a nice even row of stitching.

Now for the corners!

 Hold the thread with your left hand keeping it out of the way and pierce the fabric in the same hole as the previous stitch
Trim any frayed pieces now
 Line the needle up with the corner 
Pull the needle through
at an angle like so, push the thread into place with your needle to enure it lays flat on the corner
Insert your needle again in the corner

Bring your needle out of the fabric like this
Turn the fabric away from you into this position as it makes it easier to lay the stitch in the correct position
Trim the frayed edges as you proceed
You are now in the correct poition to carry on stitching the straight edge!
Again, don't forget to insert the needle vertical.

I know this seems rather fussy but it really does make a difference to your finished projects 

Your heart should now look like this
Lay the next square into position
and stitch as before
Lay the front heart over the back heart and start to stitch the blanket stitch at the right hand side.

Leave enough space open to stuff with filling

This is a fiddly part, try to hold the edges of the fabric as neat as you can and
stitch the opening closed.
Your Tilda heart should now look like this.
Trim with a pretty bow and attach cord or ribbon at the back for hanging your pretty little heart. 

There you have it, a lovely heart for any time of the year! 


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

The BEST tutorial I've ever seen on how to do a blanket stitch corner. I WILL be making one of these tonight. Thanks so much!

Solstitches said...

Lynn, what a great tutorial.
Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.
I will definitely be making one of these!

Joanie said...

Great instructions! Can you tell me how to start and end the blanket stitch especially on the felt heart? Do you begin and end with a knot or bury the thread somewhere?

Margaret wong said...

Thank you for a great tutorial. Finally a very clear picture of how to do the corners for a blanket stitch! Love your Blog too.

♥ Miss Tea said...

Love the tutorial!! just gotta make one!! thanks for sharing it! love pink and floral fabric u use! gorgeous!

Cat said...

This is the most fantastic tutorial for a Tilda Heart! I love Tilda and have hosted two Tilda swaps via my blog. I love your link thank you so much!

Yana said...

Very easy tutorial! Very clear photos!!! Thank you!

Fanny said...

hi friend!!! thanks a lot for share , you have a beautiful works , congratulations.

Fanny said...

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Click image to see my cross stitching blog

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